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OSU Venture Fund Categories


Translational Research Grants

Provides funding to OSU researchers and students (with a faculty PI advisor) to bridge the gap between basic and applied research.  Priority is given to projects: that have already received  government, foundation, or industry funding and have shown successful results; that will result in technology with high commercial potential; that need additional proof-of-concept funding to assist in transforming research and development into commercially viable products or services


Venture Acceleration Awards

Offers funding to OSU startup companies located within the state of Oregon. The intent of these awards is to create, sustain and grow Oregon jobs, products, and businesses.

Priority is given to companies that show a significantly reduced time-to-market for a product based on OSU IP, can leverage this award with additional funding, and/or can show evidence of investor interest if the awarded project is successful. Ties to Oregon Signature Research Centers are also given priority.


Student Entrepreneurial Grants
  • Provides funding to College’s that supports innovation development and commercialization of OSU intellectual property
  • Provides funding direct to OSU startup companies for current OSU student internships: providing the company additional resources and students real-world entrepreneurial learning opportunities


MicroFund Grants

Provides a small amount of funding to OSU researchers for prototype development. Priority is given to technology that needs additional proof-of-concept prototype funding to prove the viability of a technology for a commercial application.


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