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OSU Venture Fund - Funded Projects

OSU Venture Development Fund – Funded Projects

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Translational Research Awards

  • $148,514 / 10-month award / Rich Peterson / College of Engineering / ONAMI / Example: Develop a grid level thermal energy storage system – secured an additional $250,000 investment from ONAMI and formed a new company “Applied Exergy”
  •  $69,200 / 6- month award / Fred Kamke / College of Forestry / OBEST / Commercialization of Viscoelastic Thermal Compression Technology
  • $25,000 / 12-month award / Vince Remcho, Science and Todd Mockler, Ag Science / CRGB / ONAMI / A Platform for Automated Gene Synthesis
  • $24,995  / 6 month award / Greg Herman, Brian Paul, Chih-Hung Chang, College of Engineering / ONAMI / Example: Demonstrate High Value Nanoparticle Synthesis
  • $7,216 / 6-month award / James White / College of Science / OTRADI / Collect and Catalogue Compounds from Dr. James White’s Laboratory
  • $182,700 / 12-month award / Rich Peterson / College of Engineering / ONAMI /Complete bench-top demonstrations of an ultra-high temperature pasteurization system for processing tap water. This briefcase-size invention will be used as part of a portable kidney dialysis machine, licensed to OSU startup Home Dialysis Plus, as well as for other medical or scientific uses that require water of high chemical and biological purity. Applied for patent protection and is one of the key technologies used for HD+ to secure up to $50M from Warburg Pincus.
  • $60,750 / 12-month award / Les Fuchigami / College of Ag Sciences / Finalize the development of a hand held meter that can easily, instantly and non-destructively determine the chlorophyll, nitrogen and water content of plant leaves, and show the results in a color-coded map.
  • $69,780 / 12-month award / Rich Carter / College of Science / OTRADI / Exploring the industrial production of a novel organocatalyst to improve drug production. Successful results lead to the catalyst coming on the market in June 2011 through both Synthetch, Inc (based in Albany, OR) and Sigma-Aldrich (the world's leading fine chemical company). In addition, this work has been featured in several media publications such as Specialty Chemicals magazine, Drug Discovery News, R&D Magazine and even local KVAL television. In addition, the support of this work has led to over nine publications.
  • $122,000 / 12-month award / Joe Beckman / Linus Pauling Institute / Complete the prototype and demonstrate the utility of a simple tool that will improve the quality and speed of mass spectrometer analysis. Currently under an exclusive Option agreement with further testing being conducted at OSU.
  • $71,200 / 12-month award / Kaichang Li / College of Forestry / OBEST / Example: Commercial Application of a New Formaldehyde-free Wood Adhesive from Renewable Materials. Two additional 12-month awards are being maintained in reserves if the initial and subsequent phases of the research are determined to be successful.
  • $19,971 / 12-month award / Student project led by Chih-Hung Chang / College of Engineering / ONAMI / Demonstrate the high efficiency of thin film solar cells by ink jet printing and business plan creation.
  • $25,000 / 12-month award / Gitali Indra / College of Pharmacy / OTRADI / Complete critical testing prior to seeking widespread validation of an antibody as a diagnostic agent for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma and potentially other types of cancer.
  • $10,200 / 6-month award / Douglas Barofsky / College of Science / Travel funds for faculty to promote the commercialization of electromagnetostatic ion focusing for mass spectrometry in universities, national labs, and companies

    Total Awards: $836,526

Student Project – MBA Business Plans

  • 2009, 2010, 2011: Eighteen OSU technologies have been chosen by MBA teams in the College of Business at Oregon State University. Students performed marketing analysis and prepared business plans and presentations for each technology.

    Total Award: $90,000

 Venture Acceleration Awards

  • $100,000 / 6-month award / Inpria Corporation, an OSU startup, has developed a new way to create thin films for displays and other large-area electronics using low-cost printing processes. Through a partnership, Inpria recently created a landmark LCD display using its technology. UVDF money is helping the company leverage funding from industry and the ONAMI Gap Fund to explore additional markets. Obtained a Series A investment in early 2011 from a strategic partner.
  • $60,000 / 6-month award / Life Microsystems Inc., an OSU startup, has recently isolated a much more stable crystalline form of ultra-pure chlorophyll using the latest liquid extraction technology and is utilizing UVDF money to reach the market faster through marketing and sales channels. 

    Total Awards: $160,000


  • $1,000 for ONAMI – NCIIA AI2V Oregon Workshop for startup companies


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