Poison Information

Classroom Emergeny Check List

Poison is splashed in the eye(s).

  1. Rinse eye(s) with running water for 15 minutes, DO NOT force the eye open.
  2. Call Poison Control Center

Poison is splashed on the skin.

  1. Take off any splashed clothing, rinse with running water for 15 minutes.
  2. Call Poison Control Center

Poison is breathed in.

  1. Get into fresh air, open doors or windows.
  2. Call Poison Control Center

Cleaning product is swallowed.

  1. Give one glass of water or milk to drink, unless person is unconscious, having convulsions or unable to swollow.
  2. Call Poison Control Center

Anything else is swallowed.

  1. Call Poison Control Center
More Details

Why call Poison Control Centers?

If someone swollows poison, do not call the hospital emergency room. Call the local poison control center. Researchers who made 156 "test calls" to 52 hospital emergency departments in Illinois found that the advice given was correct only 64 persent of the time. Calls to the same emergency department on different days for the same problem did not consistently produce the same advice. In contrast, poison control centers gave correct advice in 17 out of 18 test calls or 94% of the time.

Source H. N Wigder et al., "Emergency Department Poison Advice Telephone Calls," Annals of Emergency medicine 25:349 (March 1995).

Contact Information

Poison Control Center: 1-800-452-7165
Fire/Ambulance: 911
Campus Police:

  • Emergencies: 7-7000 or 541-737-7000
  • Non-Emergencies: 7-3010 or 541-737-3010