Environmental Health & Safety: 7-2273 | Fire Department: 911

Earthquake Check List
  1. Evacuate area if health risk exists.
  2. Provide first-aid to the injured.
  3. Contain chemical spill if safe to do so. Notify Environmental Health and Safety.
During an Earthquake
  • Don't rush outdoors. Stay inside since most injuries occur from falling glass, plaster, bricks, debris and electrical lines as people are leaving buildings.
  • Cover your head with your arms and stand against an inside wall or doorway, take cover under a desk, table, or bench in case a wall, ceiling, or office furniture should fall.
  • Stay away from all glass surfaces including windows, mirrors, etc.
  • Don't attempt to restrain falling objects unless your life is endangered by them.
  • If you are outdoors, remain there. Move into the open. Don't stand under overhangs on the outside of buildings. Move away from power lines, trees and stay in open areas away from all structures.