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What is American Studies?

According to OSU-Cascades, "Studying in the American Studies major, you will engage contemporary questions about American culture in their historical and global contexts. You will examine these complex issues and processes through a variety of media-film, music, literature, history, politics, and art. Because teaching faculty members come from several different disciplines, you learn to approach course objectives from many scholarly vantage points.

"This kind of skillful thinking is more important today than ever before. Today, all of us are confronted with information from a variety of different sources-television, film, print and electronic news sources-and we seek to teach the strategies and the tools necessary to navigate the complexities of an informal society. We are convinced that equipping you to navigate a global world means teaching the skills needed to reflect deeply on issues of equity, environment, and cultural diversity. Across the country, American Studies majors go on to apply knowledge in a broad number of fields, sparking new thinking and practices in business, education, art, law, medicine, and politics.

"Over and over again American Studies graduates prove the immeasurable value and applicability of liberal arts training and education. We are certain that providing you with the skills and resources to think critically, globally, and democratically is at the heart of what a modern university must do to achieve relevance for the world in which all of us live."

American Studies - What Can I Do with This Degree? pdf - lists the industry areas, employers, and strategies for using your degree.

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Public Relations Director

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Urban/Regional Planner


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Related Skills

Communication Skills (Oral & Written)


Negotiation Skills

Critical Analysis Skills


Organization Skills

Cultural Awareness

Interdisciplinary Thinking

Research Skills

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